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What are the program’s hours?

The program runs from 8:45 am to 11:45 am, Monday through Friday. Children attend either two or three mornings per week.

What is the enrollment procedure?

Enrollment is done on a first-come, first served basis with priority given to families already in the program. Enrollment may begin as early as 18 months prior to the school year’s September start, and is then on-going until we reach capacity. An Enrollment Application must be completed and sent with the non-refundable enrollment fee to secure a space for your child. An Enrollment Application can be downloaded below or obtained by contacting us via e-mail. Once the application and fee are accepted we are precluded from offering that spot to any other child. We will schedule visits once the current year’s class is settled.

What is the staff’s background?

The program was founded in 1995 by the Director, Hillary Pini. She holds a Diploma in Early Child Development and Teaching from the North American Montessori Institute. In addition, she is the mother of 3 grown sons, as well as 2 who are in their teens. Our Assistant Teachers have worked with preschoolers in a wide variety of capacities. They include early childhood educators, professionals with many years of nanny service, and of course, experienced moms!

How are Montessori fundamentals a part of your program?

Although not strictly a Montessori school, we embrace the basic fundamentals of this teaching method. We provide a “prepared environment” which is simple and organized to enable the children to focus on their chosen activity without undue distraction. The environment is usually kept calm and orderly, emphasizing such skills as walking indoors, using quiet voices and listening when someone else is talking. Adults at Woodbine strive to model the calm and respectful behavior and tone of voice that we want the children to emulate.

Over time, we demonstrate and help the children become independent in basic “practical life skills.” These may include such things as putting their own drink and belongings away upon arrival, clearing bowls at snack time, sweeping under the table, sorting items at clean up time, hand washing, learning to put on simple shoes, coats, etc. Additionally, we help children learn to “self-correct” themselves when mistakes (an expected part of childhood learning) are made.

What is the average age of the children enrolled?

Each group of children usually consists of at least eight who are 2 - 2.9 years old as of September. There are generally two or so children who are approximately 20 – 23 months old in September. The most typical age of the children in September is 2.4 years. Dr. Maria Montessori found that young children learn best in mixed age groups. Younger children benefit from the modeling of older children, who in turn, blossom within a role of leadership.

By when do you fill up each year?

We begin by offering available spots to currently enrolled families with younger siblings who have indicated their intent to send them. We then offer spaces to new families who have inquired until we reach capacity. When we are at capacity for the upcoming year, we keep a wait-list for those who wish to be contacted if/when a space opens due to relocations, etc.

What is the arrival and dismissal procedure?

After Orientation in September, a teacher meets each child at the front door each morning. Parents utilize a car-line system and walk their child to the teacher at the door to ensure safety for all. The teacher supports each child through their morning routine of putting away belongings, removing shoes and coats, etc. – while fostering each child’s growing independence. Regular dismissal is done from the playground/yard. When indoor dismissal is necessary, children will be encouraged to help put on their shoes and coat – then will watch for their own car through the bay window at the front of the house. More detailed instructions re: arrival and dismissal will be sent with each child’s Registration paperwork.

What should the children bring to school?

Each child needs to bring a open-top tote bag with a change of clothes, diapers, and a drink in a non-spill cup. Books to share from home are always welcome. Loveys are welcome until the child is acclimated to school. Individual toys from home should stay at home, or be left in the family’s car on arrival at school.

What is the potty training policy?

Each child is individual and a plan will be discussed at the onset of training. Children who are potty training wear a pull-up over their underwear at school until they are consistently dry and clean at home. This is how we keep our play school area sanitary for all throughout the year.

How is tuition paid?

Tuition is paid in either 6 or 10 installments; with payments beginning in April. (See the current year’s Tuition Schedule included with registration paperwork.)

What holidays do you observe?

We open early in September, depending on when Labor Day falls each year. We follow the Wellesley Public School calendar into early June with the exception of Orientation in September and December holiday break. Please see our current School Calendar for details.

Are you open in the summer?

We offer an optional summer camp program each year. Enrollment for the summer session is open to currently attending children, as well as incoming children for September. Enrollment for the summer program begins in February.

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