About Woodbine Playtime

Woodbine Playtime has been serving children of Wellesley and surrounding towns since 1995. Open originally as a small group of six children, we have since expanded to groups of about ten children, each led by two teachers. Children attend either two or three mornings per week.

The playschool is a structured morning program with a predictable schedule. We believe that children are able to learn best when they feel secure in their surroundings and can anticipate “what comes next” in their day. Our goal is to help children between the ages of approximately 20 months through 2.9 (as of September) learn to separate from their primary caregiver and socialize successfully with peers in a small group setting. Using basic fundamentals of the director’s Montessori training in early child development, we strive to prepare the children to transition to larger nursery school settings the following year.

Most importantly, we want children in our play school to have fun while learning to be independent and sucessful within a small class.

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